I am a student love my profession. I am active, attractive and a very romantic person down to earth with a great humor. I am very honest…caring…sharing…loving. Andopen minded. Straightforward ….man.I am always curious and motived to meet new people to add my beautiful and innocent life as a sweetfriend. Icannot find the way to describe myself to show you all that innocent feelings that i have hidden inside my HEART & SOUL. I LOVE to watch the stars at the dark night. I like doing out,movies,music,swimming,taking trips,playing games.Reading books{novels&poetry}but I deeply love to recite THE HOLY QURAN writing cranking the volume way up for myfavorite song&galas .i can and do enjoy doing something{adventure}alone but I do prefer to share my sweet life with other.I DEEPLY LOVE THE OUTDOOR IN THE RAIN. When i find a nice person I am sincere with a lot of my innocent feelings of soul.I am really looking for my soul-mate.I WANT TO SPEND QUALITY OF TIME WITH .I am very sensitive but strong at HEART.O,MY SWEET HEART! I dream of you when I am asleep in the arms of night you even appear when I AM AWAKE DAY dreaming.DARLING!THERE IS NO ESCAPING FOR YOU.I LOVE YOU.I JUST WISHES AND PRAY TO GOD IT COMES TRUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Contact me 03445906235



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